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Porch Talk Radio in Tampa/St Pete, with host Eddie Adams Jr


Eddie Adams Jr

 "Who's the leader of the club, That's made for you and me?".... NOT M-I-C-K-E-Y... but Eddie Adams Jr, the host of Porch Talk Radio in Tampa / StPete Florida.  The problem is, he's SO busy, he didn't have time to list his bio.  You know he is the leader of the Grand Krewe de Libertalia [the first integrated Gasparilla crew, that allowed female "full-members" too]  He's President of the Temple Terrace Area Republican Club, and.... and... and..  you know, there is too much to list.  When he's not busy with other stuff, he a professional architect by training.  


Gabriel Phillips


Porch Talk Radio is co-hosted by Gabriel Phillips, who’s best known for his incredible perseverance and servants heart. After growing up in multiple foster homes [adopted many times before finishing high school] then joining the AirForce, to become a flying computer tech on E-3 Sentry aircraft. After the service, he started an insurance industry career.  Today, Gabriel serves as President of the Hispanic Republican Club of Hillsborough County

The "other guys"


Willie Lawson

Willie Lawson is a long time political podcast /blogger.  He is a political friend, and an early guest of the show.  After the craziness we call the Porch Talk Radio show, was well "off the road" and careening into a roadside ditch somewhere on the internet highway,   We invited him back as our permanent guest contributor and "the voice of reason".    Hear more of Willie's other media efforts at FightBackMedia.com  


"Radio-boy Tim" Horton

It's ALL Tim's fault.... all of it, every bit of this mess called Porch Talk Radio. [and the reason you never see his face, or hear his voice?]    Tim was a 20year radio broadcast executive [and "straight-guy" on several "crazyzoo/nut-hut" morning shows].   After"growing-up", and deciding to get a "real career", he went back to college [again] and became a -tech nerd- , an entrepreneur, then a "VC" with his own venture capital operating entity.    Tim's the executive producer of the show, which means [you guessed it] It's ALL Tim's fault