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Porch Talk Radio for Feb 16, 2019

Eddie Adams Jr and Gabriel Phillips are joined by  [1st]  David Loos then [2nd] Walter L Smith II to discuss their campaigns for Tampa City Council [Dist 1]  Behind the scenes clip for the hour 

Porch Talk Radio from Feb-9, 2019

the latest "behind-the-screens" clip of Porch Talk Radio,  Saturdays @ 1pm on WTMP  [because it's easier to do a video hand-held clip than to just do a audio-only podcast.. ]  This really is a behind-the-scenes clip of Eddie Adams Jr  w/co-host Gabriel Phillips and [the voice of reason] Willie Lawson.

Porch Talk Radio for Feb 2, 2019

Behind the scenes of the @PorchTalkRadio show, for Feb 2, 2019.   Eddie Adams Jr is "back" from the Gasparilla Pirate parade and chats with Yvette Lewis [Prez of the Hillsborough Co NAACP], and Stanley Gray [working to revive the Urban League in Tampa]    Discussion around the table about the Tampa Mayor/ City Council candidates.  Are they really concerned about east&west Tampa, or just "pimpin' for votes.  Gabriel Phillips and Willie Lawson chime in.  Porch Talk Radio  Saturday at 1pm on WTMP 

The Porch Talk Radio show /Jan 26, 2019- Gasparilla Weekend

Porch Talk Radio show host Eddie Adams Jr, is playing "Captain-Hookie?" today, leading his Gasparilla pirate crew,  in the parade, so co-host Gabriel Phillips and Willie Lawson are joined by [the very rarely heard/never seen], Exec Producer/ Radio-dude Tim Horton.   a real "behind the scenes" clip of the show for Jan 26, 2019

Porch Talk Radio from Jan 19, 2019 MLK Weekend

The Porch Talk Radio show from MLK weekend  Eddie Adams Jr, Gabriel Phillips and Willie Lawson discuss [are we honoring him?]  / plus the MLK parades.   Tampa City elections for Mayor / City Council are coming.  [See Eddie's candidate recommendations on the PTR blog