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Porch Talk Radio from Aug 11, 2018

It's "back to school", so Eddie Adams Jr / Gabriel Phillips talk with/ about King's Kids Academy school, then Todd Marks stops by to talk about his race to be a Hillsborough County Commissioner [Dist 7] , with editorial from Willie Lawson.  Eddie does "this Day in History" and we discuss the rise of Black Conservative Trump Supporters. 

Porch Talk Radio from August 4, 2018

The Porch Talk Radio show, 8-4-2018,  behind the scenes.   Eddie Adams Jr and Gabriel Phillips talk with Sally Harris [Chairman of the Hillsborough Co School Board] Willie Lawson joins in with personal experiences.  [ Vote Sally Harris.com ]  POTUS Donald Trump visited Tampa. We discuss the 2 different events, this past week. [Eddie at the private event and Gabriel at the fairgrounds/rally]  We remember Stephen Gately and Carla Jackson, who passed and do "this day in History.

Porch Talk Radio from July 28, 2018

A behind the scenes clip, the full hour of July 28, 2018- the Porch Talk Radio show.  First, Eddie Adams Jr talks with Gus Trent of GusTrentHorsebackRiding.com.  They discuss RodeoFest coming up Aug 25, 2018.   

 We discuss Donald Trump's visit to Tampa on July 31, 2018,  Yvette Lewis of the NAACP stops by, and we do "This Day in History"  

Porch Talk Radio from July 21, 2018

Behind the scenes clip of the Porch Talk Radio show, from July 21, 2018.   Eddie Adams Jr talks with Jim Waurishuk, Chairman of the Hillsborough County [Florida] Republican Executive Committee.  Gabriel Phillips and Brooke from the communications office join in. 

Learn more at www.Hillsborough.GOP   [not dot-com] 

Porch Talk Radio show from July 14, 2018

behind the scenes video, is more interesting than just a podcast, so this is the Porch talk Radio show, from July 14, 2018.  Norman Harris stops by for the hour.