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Porch Talk Radio show from Oct 13, 2018

It's @Eddie Adams Jr's Birthday, today... but before the out-door party @2pm, we've got a radio show to do.  There's a discussion of building legacy wealth with real estate investments in multi-family housing, Bryan Chavis and Joe Ebanks tell us "how".  

Kayne visits Trump in the WhiteHouse (again)  and "This Day in History"

Porch Talk radio show from Oct 6, 2018

the Porch Talk Radio show talks about the Tampa Transit Tax [yes, we know it's really Hillsborough Co tax referendum], but the benefits? will really only go to the city]     Karen Jaroch [of NoTax4Tracks] talks with Eddie Adams Jr and Willie Lawson about what REALLY is behind the tax push.   We start the hour with a discussion of Andrew Gillum, to really get you mad  [depending on your politics]     

Porch Talk Radio show from Sept 22, 2018

Porch Talk Radio from Sept 22, 2018.  Eddie Adams Jr, talks with Gabriel Phillips & Willie Lawson about  the Kavanaugh hearings, [Politic is a "blood sport"] , plus Eddie's annual Birthday Party event , and "This Day in History". 

Porch Talk Radio show from Sept 15, 2018

@Eddie Adams Jr and Willie Lawson talk about CRAs  [who what and why]  since we are working to grow the community.   This is a behind the scenes clip of the full hour

Porch Talk Radio show from Sept 8, 2018

Eddie Adams Jr, with Gabriel Phillips and [the voice of reason] Willie Lawson discuss  "local" vs "national" politics,  "money" doesn't always win,  Eddie's annual Birthday party and "this Day in History"...   behind the scenes, the full hour clip