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The very 1st Porch Talk Radio Show, was unscripted and -LIVE

After lots of "planning", the  creation of a thing we call the Porch Talk Radio show, just "up and happened"-LIVE- at the last minute [in the fall of 2011].    Eddie Adams Jr and Gabriel Phillips were co-host, [with help from Exec Producer "Radioboy Tim" Horton].  We jumped in with both feet.    The show was an un-scheduled remote broadcast from the 2011 Tampa Black Heritage Festival, at Curtis Hickson Park, in downtown Tampa Florida

2011 technology only allowed us to post 15 minute segments to YouTube, so this is "Part 2" of the hour

Segment 3 of the very 1st Porch Talk Radio show , introduces the 1st phone caller, and the 1st local elected official.  

the last 15 minutes of the very 1st Porch Talk Radio show, -LIVE- from the 2011 Tampa Black Heritage Festival. 

Gabriel Phillips and Eddie Adams Jr are back for a second season of Porch Talk Radio---on-TV.  New guest, new "sets", new web site and new people to offend with "straight-talk".   In the old days, your gramma and PopPa would sit on the porch and talk to the neighbors who walked by.   We are trying that, "digitally" on the radio show

The key "take-away":   Porch Talk  Radio-on TV  [survived?]  to season 4...[and we are amazed too.]    PTR, with Gabriel Phillips and Eddie Adams Jr. on Tampa TV.  replays are on PorchTalkRadio.com  .   

Porch Talk Radio at the Florida Strawberry Festival

Gabriel Phillips and Eddie Adams Jr [of Porch Talk Radio on-TV] spend a day at the 2015 Florida Strawberry Festival.   [yes, we had to go find Gabriel @ the "lost boys" dept.]  Food, Fun, Concerts and little baby bunnies, chickens, cows and goats, plus pig-races too.

Porch Talk Radio on-TV host Eddie Adams Jr visits the UrbanCafe show on WMNF.    They "traded" and visited  PTR on 04-12-2014 show. 

Gabriel Phillips and Eddie Adams Jr talk about God and faith in politics on this episode of Porch Talk Radio on-TV,  from June 8, 2013

 Taro Kimura is the "WalterCronkite" / "Tom Brokaw" of FUJI-TV, [the biggest broadcaster in Japan.]   When they wanted to do a news segment on the rise of the Black Conservative / Republican voters in America, they came to visit Eddie Adams Jr.

While they recorded US, we recorded them.  Here's a behind the scenes clip of the show. 

Porch Talk Radio Exec Producer & "RadioBoy Tim" Horton is never seen, and rarely heard on the show [on purpose] ,  but he visited the Pete OShea show to discuss entrepreneurial resources, educational options and  social-support / mentor groups in Tampa Bay.  

Thinking about starting a company?  or becoming an investor in TampaBay local start-ups? there are places to go and groups to join.   [or sent Tim an email, Tim@PorchTalkRadio-dot-com.