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Porch Talk Radio, Saturdays at 1 pm, on WTMP [1150am/97.5 FM] Tampa Bay

Porch Talk Radio, Saturdays at 1 pm, on WTMP [1150am/97.5 FM] Tampa Bay

Porch Talk Radio, Saturdays at 1 pm, on WTMP [1150am/97.5 FM] Tampa BayPorch Talk Radio, Saturdays at 1 pm, on WTMP [1150am/97.5 FM] Tampa Bay

Why we are here

the Porch Talk Radio show, on WTMP / Tampa

The Porch Talk Radio show is today's news, from a Conservative point of view, rarely heard on urban radio.   

Our latest show


The Porch Talk Radio show is heard Saturdays, at 1 pm, on WTMP [am1150 / FM 96.1] in TampaBay Florida.  

You can "hear" past shows,  by going to the "Watch Past Shows" page. [linked above]  We try to have video "behind the scenes" clips of the most recent show(s), so it's more interesting to "listen". 

The Porch Talk Radio show, has been around for years, on both radio and 7 seasons of TV.  Not every show is on our web site, but we try to keep the last few available and rotate some "bonus fun", from time to time. 

Questions ? Comments?  Send us a note, [in the form below.]  We read all your comments, and will try to reply, if you have specific questions. 

The History of Porch Talk Radio


Porch Talk Radio's "roots" come from Eddie Adams Jr's childhood, in Lake Wales Florida.  "Folks" sat on the porch and talked to all those who walked by.  Neighbors talked about the church activities, the school functions, the "bad kids" in the neighborhood and "who was gittin' way with stuff", when no one was lookin'.    

After running for political office, Eddie accepted the challenge from his friend, "RadioBoy Tim", and decided to "talk to the community".    They invited a Conservative hispanic-community friend, Gabriel Phillips to join the show  for diverse opinions, and magic happened.   

When the "crazy" got out of control, we added  Willie Lawson as permanent "guest contributor"  and generally the "voice of reason".  

The Porch Talk Radio show started on a business-talk radio station in Tampa, then migrated to TV for 7 season, and now is heard,  Saturday's at 1 pm on WTMP [am1150 / FM 97.5] in TampaBay Florida      

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Hillsborough County Republican Party

The folks that believed in us enough to help start the Porch Talk Radio Show.

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