About Gabriel Phillips 

“Keeping things in life simple I believe to be the best way to live life. Helping out our fellow man along the way is what makes life rich”.
From growing up in inner city Houston on food stamps to living a good life in Tampa Florida.The journey has been long. Gabriel was adopted many times before finishing high school and joining the Air Force to become a Computer Technician on board the Airborne Warning And Control System aircraft (E-3 Sentry).While working full time in the Air Force, and part time job at Radio Shack, College at Rose State College was persuaded.When his first term was up Gabriel left the Air Force to look for opportunities in the Insurance Industry in Oklahoma City where his military base was located.
As a Farmers Insurance Group manager/owner of an agency many goals business and personal were met. As a community leader he helped lead many business groups and church groups to advance their goals. He enjoys being able help in local shelters, church outreaches to communities, and has taught classes with the Small Business Administration to help business owners understand basics of insurances for businesses. These classes were taught at Spanish Community Center in Oklahoma City.The Minority Breakfast was a favorite of Gabriel’s, he helped many times by hosting and encouraging new business owners to speak up about there businesses to other minority business owners.
Gabriel is a current member at Grace Family Church, where he leads a men’s group. Also Vice President of HISPANIC REPUBLICAN CLUB OF HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY.

 About Eddie Adams, Jr.

Eddie Adams, Jr. is the embodiment of the “American Dream.”  While Eddie’s family may not have been rich financially, they were rich with love, happiness, and a positive outlook on life.  One of the first role models in Eddie’s life was his grandfather, Jack Howell, a Baptist preacher.  Among his many talents, Jack Howell had a green thumb and a very simple view of life: remember what’s important, “God and Family.”He passed on this belief to Eddie, along with his green thumb.

Eddie graduated from the University of South Florida in 1976, as the first African-American to receive a degree in Microbiology. After graduation he worked at Tampa General Hospital (TGH) as a Cardio-Pulmonary Laboratory Technologist for twenty years.  He was one of the founding members of the Ad Hoc Employees’ Civil Service Committee which evolved into the Employee Advisory Committee.  He was also the co-founder and organizer of the Black History Week Celebration at TGH. In 1995, Eddie graduated from the FAMU/USF Cooperative School of Architecture and Design with a Masters of Architecture Degree. Then he became the first African-American to receive a Masters of Architecture Degree from USF. In 2002 Eddie started his own business Adams & Associates Residential Design.  The business provides design services for new homes, home additions, and home renovations.

Eddie has been married to the love of his life, Sylvia, for twenty five years.  He has a son Joseph, a daughter Ashley and a grand-daughter Kalia.  Eddie and Sylvia are members of the First Institutional Baptist Church. His hobbies include Golf, Painting, Sailing, Chess and SCUBA diving.

Eddie is currently Chairman of the Board for King’s Kids Academy, President of the Grand Krewe de Libertalia, Vice-President of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Black Advisory Council, Vice-President of the Hiphop Basketball Foundation Board, Vice-President of the Board for New Life Village, Inc., Vice-President of Programming for 100 Black Men of Tampa Bay and is on the Hillsborough County Hospital Authority. He is also a member of the Florida State Fair Black Advisory Council, the Hillsborough County Republican Executive Committee, a card carrying member of the NRA, Co-Host of PORCH TALK RADIO on WGUL AM 860 every Saturday 5:00pm – 6:00pm and has been to every major Tea Party Rally in Washington D.C.

Porch Talk Radio

Porch Talk Radio is hosted by Gabriel Phillips, who’s best known for his incredible perseverance and servants heart even after growing up in multiple foster homes.  Today Gabriel serves as Vice President of the Hispanic Republican Club of Hillsborough County.  His Co-Host, Eddie Adams Jr., heads several Hillsborough County Community Council Boards and is truly the embodiment of the “American Dream.”  Porch Talk Radio was inspired by the days when neighbors came together to share their point of view on local news, politics, religion and sports for the purpose of creating a better community.

After the television show we ask you to join us on www.blogtalkradio.com/porch-talk-radio-online for the “after-show!” or just look in our archives for all the content your heart desires. This is a chance for you to join us on the porch and talk with the guys and some of the great guests we have week to week.

We have some great things planned and the party will be a great deal more fun with you! So join us, and tell your friends about PORCH TALK TELEVISION!